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The most important element of our environmental strategy is recycling. We try to reduce the destruction of the already produced waste to the minimal level, and to cooperate with partner companies with the highest index of effectiveness of recycling.

The everyday realization of corporate social responsibility has an important role in the daily life of our company, and we believe that our colleagues are sharing the same views and values, which makes our corporate culture unified and genuine.

Shaping the attitude of children is considered as an important issue by us, which is realized in close cooperation with PontVelem Nonprofit Kft.

In addition to the game, the complex program will introduce selective waste collection (portable cell and battery waste, small electronic waste), financial knowledge and charity to the children attending to elementary schools.

According to the experience of more than ten years, we are sure that the satisfaction of the employees highly increases individual creativity, and thereby efficiency. Establishing a pleasant and professional environment for the employees also contributes to this. We try to establish a more green office and to provide a family- and child-friendly workplace, by the means of part-time employment in some cases. The management takes the fact that one of the most important concepts is the concept of family into consideration, therefore it commits everything within its power to establish the balance of work and family. In addition, we support our employees with a system of cafeteria and benefits, by providing flexible working hours, and by occasional reductions of the working hours.

In the office complex of our seat, we provide our selective waste collection bins to our co-lessees free of charge, therefore their waste generated in the complex, such as corrugated cardboard, paper, PET and leaves, may be collected as separate fractions, thereby contributing for keeping our environment clean.

Participation, support and donation in the local community life have been fully integrated into our processes. We support the family and children events organized in Budakeszi, the town where our seat is located. In addition, we also provide help for sick children continuously.

Our responsible operation is not only appearing in our communication, but also represented by our basic activity and services, which are based on sustainability. We intend to reduce our ecologic footstep as much as possible, and to collect the hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated by the people and the industry in the country by using our special software, in the most effective and most safe manner.

We believe in continuous innovation which proves the results of the performed work later, from the challenges to the realization.



  • Supporting the Eco-Island on the World Water Day in Szigetmonostor
  • We supported the children day organized in Budakeszi (3rd Middle East Festival)
  • Possibility for permanent support in the office building: Szemem Fénye Alapítvány – THANK YOU candy initiative


  • Charity “Thanks” Coffee Session for supporting Szemem Fénye Alapítvány
  • Family Day
  • Supporting the Eco-Island on the World Water Day in Szigetmonostor


  • Dress in red – For supporting Szemem Fénye Alapítvány
  • We supported the Family Day Festival of Budakeszi


  • We supported the Family Day of Budakeszi
  • We have supported the child swimming division of the Sports Club of the Town of Szerencs
  • We joined the Charity “Thanks” Coffee Session organized to support Szemem Fénye Alapítvány