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You must have encounter containers for the collection of used cells and batteries many times. The portable energy sources may be placed in the stores of retail and wholesale chains, in many institution for education, cultural or healthcare purposes, and also in many other segments. We provide you help in installing and operating collection banks at the whole area of the country.

We are also able to provide the collection and recycling of cells and batteries of a large quantity or different chemical composition to our clients.


You may learn about the types and descriptions of our acid- and alkali-resistant cell collection containers manufactured in Hungary and specifically designed for this purpose at the products menu.

You may learn more about the legal background of collecting cells in Government Decree No. 445/2012 (XII. 29.).

As being assigned by Re’lem Nonprofit Kft. we provide bins suitable for the collection of portable cells and batteries, and we also collect them free of charge, for the distributors of cells and the obliged parties.

There is no problem if you are not obliged to do so, because we also provide you the containers and the collection in this case, depending from the availability of our stocks. Contact one of our contact details to learn more about the conditions of this.


  • Request a quote!
  • Send the contract back to us!
  • We will install the requested collection bins.
  • Notify us when your bin is full!
  • We empty the container on site, and we will return the container within two weeks after the notification!

Especially recommended for industrial users. Thanks to our enterprise resource planning system, our work is supported by many report and forecast, in order to increase efficiency.  In compliance with statutory provisions, we pay attention for monitoring the route of hazardous materials, while taking safe collection into consideration.

We send an automatic email message, or we provide a phone notification upon specific request, to our collection banks on the date of collection and the license plate number of the arriving truck.

It is very important that it is FORBIDDEN to open the containers! The content of the containers may only be given to our company and our subcontractor partners. After emptying the cell collection containers, we place a so-called safety round sticker on the containers. This may only be removed by the employees of our company.

We have been working in a close cooperation with FKF Nonprofit Zrt since 2013. Accordingly, our company ensures the emptying of the waste collection banks of Budapest, and also the emptying of the metallic cell collection containers placed by them.

Our colleague competent at your area is available in connection with the agreement. When your collection bin is full, notify us by using one of our contact details!