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Your selectively collected hazardous and non-hazardous waste will be collected and treated as carefully as possible. In our results, the EWC codes are providing information on the types of waste transported by us.

We intend to enter into agreements with partners who are acting in a professional manner in their processes and who are well-recognized members of the industry, because the safe collection and most effective processing of waste is one of the important elements of our mission.

The on-site emptying of our collection bins placed to collect used cells and batteries is helped by a special lifting device, a result of careful engineering work, installed on the trucks of our vehicle park, thereby contributing to our efficiency.


We have designed our service in a manner which allows our clients to contact us with occasional or regular assignments in the field of waste management. Request a quote from our customer service in case of an occasional assignment, and contact the manager of our Office Selective Waste branch in case of the latter.


Csaba Gaál

Branch Manager

+36 (20) 361 4960

I also consider environmental protection as very important in my private life.

I am very happy for not only being able to provide help in waste management for our partners by my work, but I can also do a lot for having a cleaner environment.

ISZH branchwith monthly flat-rate fees for our partners. We recommend our services especially for office complexes and companies, in case of continuously generated waste. Whether paper, toner, PET or metallic box, folia, electronic waste or glass.
The complete monthly fee consists of the flat-rate fee and the call-out charges.
The service fee includes professional assessment, the delivery of the big-bag or container suitable for collecting the certain waste, and the collection and the complete related documentation.

From our selection of selective collection containers our customers may purchase only one bin, or they may even establish waste collection banks in order to realize selective waste collection. Our portfolio has been designed to provide our customers with a wide range of products, even according to their individual needs.
The paper and plastic collecting container, prepared according to a unique design, is the own development, product of our company.

The indoor and outdoor waste bins and pieces of street furniture made of plastic or premium category galvanized steel are the products of a manufacturer in Spain, and we are the exclusive distributors of the product in Hungary.

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